Additional Services - Wisloan/Telework

Wisconsin WisLoan Program  

WisLoan is a state-wide alternative loan program helping Wisconsin’s residents with a disability to purchase assistive technology that assists them in living more independently and productively. Any Wisconsin resident with a disability over the age of 18 in need of assistive technology or home modifications is eligible to apply for a loan.

Assistive devices include: hearing aids, vehicles with modifications, computers, electric scooters and home modifications e.g. ramp or bathroom access.  Focus on ability to repay the loan but perfect credit is not necessary to obtain a loan. To apply for a loan you must be: over 18 years old, a Wisconsin resident, purchasing assistive devices or making an accessible home modification and either have a disability or be purchasing the equipment for a person with a disability. 

Wisconsin Telework Loan Program  

The Wisconsin Telework program is a statewide, alternative loan program that allows Wisconsin residents with disabilities to purchase computers and other equipment needed as entrepreneurs to start a home-based business or work for an employer out of their home.