Additional Services - Medicaid Personal Care Program

Options Personal Care Program empowers people with disabilities to manage their in-home personal care services. Options offers a consumer directed Personal Care Program for:

• People who have a permanent disability and are medically stable.

• Are Medicaid beneficiaries.

• Require hands - on personal care services.

§ Personal care may include assistance with: bathing, dressing/undressing, prosthetics (braces, splints and support hose), grooming, eating, in-home mobility, toileting, transferring and incidental services. It may also include some medically - oriented tasks.

• Have identified an individual to provide personal care.

• Reside within our 17 county service area.

Assessment & Supervision

Options Registered Nurses use the State developed Personal Care Screening Tool (PCST), along with internal forms to conduct a thorough assessment of the consumer with the Personal Care Workers(s) (PCW). The PCST is used to determine the allocation of hours and to develop the plan of care.

A physician's order is required for services. The consumer must agree to responsibly use personal care services and have back-up support available as needed. Options does not provide emergency or back-up personal care services. The RN visits the consumer and the PCW(s) every 50 – 60 days to review the plan of care, observe personal cares and discuss any changes.

Personal Care Worker

Consumers utilizing Options Personal Care Program must choose an individual(s) they would like hired to perform cares. The PCW candidate must be at least 18 years old and trained in the skill(s) necessary to provide care to the consumer. The PCW can not be a parent/guardian of a minor child or the consumer's spouse. The PCW must successfully pass background and reference checks prior to hire. During the orientation process, PCW(s) receive training on personal cares, policies and procedures, confidentiality, and safety. PCW(s) who successfully complete the hiring process are Options employees and paid by Options for the care provided.

Contact: Options at 1-888-465-1515 or 920-490-0500