Options for Independent Living is committed to promote and practice the independent living philosophy of self-help and self-advocacy.

Act Now is a legislative network that allows people to learn about issues that affect people with disabilities and gives them the tools to do something! Act Now is a network, not a group. There are no formal rules or bylaws, no meetings or officers. And, your name is kept confidential.

The Act Now network works like this: The Act Now Coordinator receives alerts and information on State and Federal legislation affecting people with disabilities. The network Coordinator prepares the information or action alerts and sends them on via email/mail to Act Now network members. As as a result of this information members are able to “Act Now”, by writing letters, emails, or calling elected officials about the legislative issues important to the member. There are many ways that people coming together can be effective on this network

There also is strength in numbers, and this network needs to continue to grow to be a stronger voice. Act Now welcomes all people, not just those with disabilities. Act Now takes little time, but the effects benefit a vast number of people. Join your friends and neighbors and add your voice to the chorus for change that positively affects people with disabilities.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” ~Ghandi~

For more information about Act Now please contact the Act Now Coordinator, Sandy Popp, at 920-393-1043 or toll free 1-888-465-1515, ext. 179. Or click to sign up!

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